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2022 7 day detox

Our 2021 7 Day Detox is brought to you below.

The diet and recipes are on the PDF and the exercises are in pictures and video.

The Flatsnout 7 day no-nonsense detox is a diet to help cleanse the body and all of your central nervous systems, lymphatic and endocrine systems.

It’s simple and very basic. BUT there are no guaranteed weight losses, if you lose weight, great, if you don't, great too. You will have purged your systems and cleansed your bodily systems.

When our bodies are overloaded by illness, toxicity, or even just sluggishness, we lose the ability to process these foods in an optimal way. The plan below gives us the reboot we need to come back to these foods with digestive vigor.

It also helps cleanse and rebuild the soul. As your body re-mineralizes, alkalizes, detoxifies, and  mends, your soul learns that powerhouse foods like fruit are the true sustenance that will bring it comfort.

Cutting out alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and many saturated fats in processed foods that the body struggles to break down. It’s tough but if you want to REBOOT and DETOX - DO IT.

We are looking to help these bodily systems and restore balance to our body's from the modern battering of alcohol, nicotine and fast tracked processed foods.

You will be leaner and much cleaner, it’s a great refreshment diet, too.


7 day detox-daily exercise

DETOX 2021-Abdominals

  • Every bodies favorite area the Ab's.




  • We all yearn for the slim and exclusive six pack, strong core is now always in the media and rightly so.




  • Think of your core muscles as the sturdy central link in a chain connecting your upper and lower body. Whether you’re hitting a tennis ball or mopping the floor, the necessary motions either originate in your core, or move through it.


  • No matter where motion starts, it ripples upward and downward to adjoining links of the chain. Thus, weak or inflexible core muscles can impair how well your arms and legs function. And that saps power from many of the moves you make. Properly building up your core cranks up the power. A strong core also enhances balance and stability. Thus, it can help prevent falls and injuries during sports or other activities. In fact, a strong, flexible core underpins almost everything you do.

  • Im a massive fan of planks, they work the front and rear core so well.  Keep your back straight, butt level , head up and count steadily.

  • Work the picture abs to the left daily, as it says.  Whatever you start with, increase it daily on the shred.


DAY 1 

Run 30 minutes, steady state pace.tIf you struggle to run 30 minutes, then walk-run.  Complete the Abs above after the run.

day 2

Carry out the exercises for 30 secs one after each other, for as many times as you can, go for 3 to start with.

Then complete the abs.

day 3

Day 3 -Run 20 mins, you can still RUN-WALK, but try and run at a faster pace than DAY 1.

Complete abs.


DAY 4.png

Day 4 So today we're going to hit the TON UP, 10 exercises carried out 10 times. Try it once.  Carry out Abs afterwards.

day 5

DAY 5- Run again today.  1.5 mile run as quick as you can.  Then abs.


DAY 6.png

DAY 6- Try our Marine weights session. Perform with 10/5 kg on the end of the bar.

You want fast-correct reps, 10 of each.

The Machine gun exercise is pushing the bar out from the chest stood up at 45 degrees, an absolute killer.

Work the exercises through, after 3 sets of 10 reps each.

Then abs.

day 7

DAY 7-Another run to finish your DETOX week.  This run is a steady 3 mile jog.  This week has seen you run, lift weights and perform ton ups, as well as hitting the core with abs daily.

As well as adopting a Hi-protein detox diet.  You have cleaned you body systems and should now feel cleaner and sharper.

To continue the journey try my books, linked below. 

My latest book the 100 fitness recipes, is ideal for you now to adopt, after the 7 day DETOX.

Well done.

If you need any further help inbox me directly at or call 07504297841

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