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8 Week detox challenge 2018

So 2018 detox 8 week challenge is here !

1st january 2018 

enrollment at 3pm

1st boxing session 5 pm-lets do it !

 for 149 you recieve-

#teamflatsnout, a proven personal boxing/ training service with amazing results.....

you recieve a full detox/ weight loss planner.....

-weekly diet and fitness Schedules and updates

-a personal online trainer available 24/7

-1 class and 1 pt 121 free per week (additional classes -3 pounds and 121's -15 pounds

MEET AT #fellingwarriors 1st january2018 at 15:00 or 3 pm to sign up.

1st boxing session 17:00 hrs or 5 pm booooom lets do it......

Weekly results...

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