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When it comes to being in shape and working toward your fitness goals, a lot depends on your core. The muscles in your core — which extend from your chest and upper back to your hips and glutes — initiate and support just about every movement and are important for building flexibility and endurance.

How a Strong Core Benefits Your Everyday Life
Basically, your core supports everything you do. "First and foremost, it supports and protects your spine,"

That can mean preventing or lessening back pain

Beyond that, it ensures your body is in correct alignment and lets your bones and muscles move in the most uninhibited way possible." The stronger your core is, the more correctly your body can move, which will help you feel less pain or tension during your day-to-day life.

When your core is weak, it can lead injury in other parts of your body as the other muscles attempt to compensate. For example, if your glutes (yes, they're part of your core!) are weak, that can lead to overuse in your hip flexors and lower back,

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