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flatsnout fight night 4

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Flatsnout boxing Fight night 4 is raising charity for 3-year-old Freddie Ellis's charities; Children's Cancer North and CHECT, a childhood eye cancer trust, London and Birmingham.

 Freddie is from Northumberland and the grandchild of Bill Ellis who is Flatsnouts own medical man, who has worked with us since 1998 dedicating his life to helping others.

Little Freddies' diagnosis has devastated his whole family so Flatsnout boxing has organised a charity event to raise money to help support of little Freddie. Freddie was first diagnosed with Retinaoblastoma when he was 15 months old.

In November 2020, now under the care of Birmingham Children's Hospital as this could not be treated in Newcastle. 3 tumors were found in his eye.

He underwent 4 months of iintra-arterial chemotherapy and a further 4 months of laser radiation treatment which shrunk the tumors, he continues to attend Birmingham Children's Hospital for regular check ups and treatments including radiation & chemotherapy.

In July 2022 at his check up they found that a very aggressive large tumor was found which resulted in Freddie having his left eye removed. Further tests revealed seeds from the tumor had dropped down in to his body. Freddie is now under going 6 months of intensive chemotherapy + radiation treatment.

Freddie is an absolute warrior and he takes this all in his stride! With his army behind him and his parents, Demi and Darren, he will continue to fight cancer and everything it throws at him!


Please come along to support little Freddie and his family.


Start boxing training for fitness, or to compete.

Join our squad of novice boxers, training to compete on our Flatsnout Fight Night 3 on Saturday 4th March 2023 at the Britannia hotel, Newcastle airport, NE13 8DL, to raise funds for Freddie...

If you ever wanted to box but never had the chance....

train now to box for charity, raising funds for freddie 

Heading 2

Recently the mental health aspect has been helped with boxings inherent ability, to leave you feeling 'A star plus', after a boxing session.

We have helped people with confidence, health issues including drink ,drugs and many with labelled problems, that boxing just helps with.......

These guys arn't ever going to win world titles, but this night gives them the chance to live and fulfill a life's dream, after an intensive 6 week programme.

This show is for our novice/intermediate boxers to help raise money for outstanding charity's.


Matched between our own flatsnout boxers and local fighters brought into compete with other fighters.

Get in touch if you fancy it, it will give your new year training an added touch

-Matched on weight/ experience
-3*2 mins rounds
-14 oz gloves
-full medical team ringside
-ex pro ref

Tickets are available from the boxers or call myself.

£30 each for standard ticket, or £300 for a table of ten.
Tickets are available now, either-

Contact Paul Fiske on 07504297841/ The boxer your supporting, or E-mail

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pictures from fight night 3

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