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30 day DETOX 2023


Start 2023 with a bang !

With our 2023 30 day DETOX plan.


Train with me an ex pro heavyweight boxer and ex HM Forces veteran, to get yourself into great shape with boxing 121s and cardio/weight training circuits to rip your calorie count to new levels.


30 day plan includes:


1. 10 one on one gym sessions with Paul. Get yourself into the best shape of your life with my powerful combination of boxing and cardio and weight training circuits.


2. At home training plans to keep the momentum going between sessions which includes:


- Marine fitness weight circuits




-Cardio sessions


-Kettler bell circuits


3. Progress tracking:


-weigh ins


-progress pictures


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additional books 


Paul J Fiske has combined his knowledge of military training and professional boxing to create a no-nonsense fitness and nutrition program that delivers as hard and fast as his punches. Whatever your starting point, his method can work for you. His clients have seen dramatic results, and now you can too. This comprehensive book includes cardio, weights, nutrition, stretching and well-being advice that will get you looking and feeling good in no time.

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💥I've been working with the nutritionists to bring you a balanced, no bull, cook book.With-💥-E-A-S-Y to read recipes.💥Colourful pictures and crystal clear pics💥Macro nutrients for each recipe. with 100 tasty, flavoursome recipes.💥That's enough to keep you going for a month, eating healthy !💥With progress sheets at the start and the end you can try it for your weightloss.


Boxing trainer Sergeant Paul J Fiske is renowned for his no-nonsense approach to health and fitness. Quite simply, he delivers results. He has developed this 7-day detox plan, not only to kick-start weight loss, but also to cleanse your body of toxins and leave you feeling revitalised and re-energised. He has adapted this from the detox he used to undergo as a professional heavyweight boxer before a big fight. Unlike other plans that leave you tired and weak, this sustainable detox will have you raring to go. The book contains recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks twice a day. The program has been carefully developed to ensure you get the nutrients, fibre and protein you need to nourish your body fully throughout the detox. Want to look and feel better this time next week? Let's do it...


Our latest book, is the most important, your planner !




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Along with daily motivation on social media, we aim to keep you on the ball, daily, working out with 'Fitness homework', to complement the 10 sessions that you do with us in the gym.


Being ex HM forces/ pro boxer, we have that mental attitude, to the way we approach fitness training, this may be a shock to you but you need to hold on and go for it !


The results are worth any pain, discomfort that you may endure.


It may involve a change in mental attitude to the way you approach training/ diet.

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Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

So how much is this ?


Option 1.

£225 for the base pack.

-for 10 121 Personal Training sessions at the Benton gym.

-Our 4 books to guide your fitness 'journey' additional £45.

Option 2.

In addition you can purchase our Online trainer for an additional fee payable online of £99.


This system holds you completely accountable and provides you with a:


-Daily diet

-Exercise plan


-Weekly picture progress locker



-Video calling


The Online trainer system allows messaging and video calling direct to your assigned trainer. We can mentor you along with the 121 sessions you have purchased also.


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