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Personal 121 training

Personal 121 members Training and Weight-Loss


with Flatsnout Fitness Training


Weight-loss through boxing training has been shown to be amazingly successful.  It relies upon what you put into what you get out.


When you train with Flatsnouts 'Power-hour' you will burn between 400 and 850 calories, this with a regular fitness homework plan of daily core strengthening exercises and steady cardio work burning 300 calories daily.  The extra Lbs will melt away, as with previous satisfied clients.......


With 3 exciting new personal fitness 121's now available


1. Power Source


2.  The easy weight loss package

3. Learn to box

1.The power source

121 Plan1

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As well as teaching and you learning the skills of boxing in your 121,you will gain more strength and muscle growth from your workouts.


Then this package will give you the extra push you need to excel beyond your potential for growth and strength.

With boxing traditional techniques and a few Flatsnout specialities to increase and enhance your boxing fitness, you will enhance your boxing ability in no time.  You'll be body and eventually full sparring also in no time.


By focusing on high intensity, resistance boxing training.  With an expert coach to assist you and keep you accountable, it will guarantee you achieve your results.


Monthly Personalized Fitness Plans - weights, cardio & more for Each Day! NO Gym Membership required. 

  The 7 Day  Detox Program with shopping lists, recipes, meal planners  Accountability Sessions every 2 weeks  to keep you on track, accountable and motivated. Plus we also design your plans

.  Your very own Coach & Fitness Expert committed to your personal results  Become an athlete of the mind with our Mental Vitamins program to align values, stop self sabotaging habits, overcome doubts and fears, reframe limiting beliefs

 Exclusive access to the Facebook VIP Members only group for 24/7 support


  Regular re-assessments including photos, weight & measurements  Ongoing Facebook support, motivation and accountability

With our own Flatsnout Fight night on the 10th April, we also have that for you to aspire and train towards.


Contact for details

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2. easy weight loss
1. the power source

121 Plan 2


Do you want to burn more fat while you sleep?

Then this package will reveal all the vital ‘how to’ secrets necessary for shedding those extra unwanted kilos.

I will take you through a specific step by step plan, monitoring your success and motivating your every step to ensure you will achieve your desired results and maximum weight loss.

—Personal Program updated monthly

—Nutritional guidance

—Goal setting and re-assessment every 4 weeks

Contact for

3.learn to box


3.learn to box

3. Learn to box

If you ever wanted to box but never had the chance try now !

Join our squad of boxers and fitness trainers.

With indoor 121 training and outdoor classes, with our online 'Members only' for daily contact and mentoring.

Using our published books as guidance and 24/7 liaison and advice from myself, you will learn how to build;

-A fitness program

-Healthy diet

-Fitness homework training.  (On days off training with me)


-Basic stance

-Moving around the ring

-Punches (Combinations)

-Body sparring and when ready full sparring.

-Weight training/Circuit training

-Roadwork/ sprints

Using our traditional style training methods, you will be schooled with;

-Punch pads

-Punch bags

The basics are picked up very quickly and you will be amazed at just how quickly you pick things up.

We have a #Flatsnoutfightnight3 at the Britannia hotel, Newcastle airport, on Saturday, 30th September 2023

We are training our squad of novice boxers to fight;

-Bouts will be matched on weight and experience

-3*2 rounds

-14 oz gloves

-Referee and judges

-Talk to me about it if you are interested....

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