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121 Personal fitness/boxing Training

If you ever wanted to box but never had the chance try now !

Join our squad of boxers and fitness trainers.

With indoor 121 training and outdoor classes, with our online 'Members only' for daily contact and mentoring.

Using our published books as guidance and 24/7 liaison and advice from myself, you will learn how to build;

-A fitness program

-Healthy diet

-Fitness homework training.  (On days off training with me)


-Basic stance

-Moving around the ring

-Punches (Combinations)

-Body sparring and when ready full sparring.

-Weight training/Circuit training

-Roadwork/ sprints

Using our traditional style training methods, you will be schooled with;

-Punch pads

-Punch bags

The basics are picked up very quickly and you will be amazed at just how quickly you pick things up.

We have a #Flatsnoutfightnight6at the Britannia hotel, Newcastle airport, on Saturday 30th September 2023.

We are training our squad of novice boxers to fight;

-Bouts will be matched on weight and experience

-3*2 rounds

-14 oz gloves

-Referee and judges

-Talk to me about it if you are interested....

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