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Beginners boxing

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Keep in shape for our Covid compliant 121 training sessions and classes tues/ thurs 7-8pm-

1. Try our gym workout of cardio/ weights.

2. Eat well-fitness recipes/ hi protein diet.

3. Sleep rest well.

Read our books to keep as well informed as you are fit.

Great Fitness/ diet books for under £35 !

With that you'll get in Flatsnout fitness, the method, knowledge to get your own fitness regime starting, with chapters on boxing technique/ cardio/ weight training/ hi protein diet and so much more

With 7 day detox book

Its does exactly as it sayes-7 day diet to detox you.

With our latest book 100 fitness recipes, we've worked with nutritionists to bring you a colourful book, that delivers recipes with macro nutrients for each meal and each serving.

So all three for under £35 !

Try it today !



Flatsnout Boxing.

💥💥💥Flatsnout fitness

💥💥💥7Day Detox

💥💥💥100 Fitness-recipes

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