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Bootcamp training

Boxing Bootcamp.

We've started these in the mornings to give folks a taste of what boxing training can do and indeed benefit you !

This short sharp interval training method works great incorporated to a boxing workout. To be done properly, boxers need to go for speed during their work periods rather than power. Light, quick movements are the name of the game here.

We're not really looking to spar in sessions, although, we incorporate 'boot camp' blast sessions in the weekly boxing classes on Mon/Tues/Thursday evenings at 7pm and Sat 2pm. We're looking to hit the exercises as hard and fast as possible, whilst maintaining quality techniques.....

We utilise as much of the gym as we can and set rounds to keep you on your toes !

Indeed hammers, tyres, pads, bags, ropes, water bags, speed bags, speed balls, Kettler's and Olympic bar are all used to give you a great morning awakener !

Get down Monday 10am to start you week off as you mean to go on !

Tuesday/ Thursday 10am and Sat 12pm.

Flatsnout boxing at NE129SW, follow the signs from entrance to Bellway Ind Est.

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