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Christmas New Year training....

Our classes are running as per usual on:

Bootcamp/Beginners- Tues 10am and Sat 12pm

Adults class- Tuesdays/ Thursdays at 7-8pm and Saturdays at 2-3pm, on following:

December 6th, 8th and 10th

December 13th,15th and 17th

December 20st,22nd and 24th

December 28th,29th,30th.

Back to normal in January !

£5 a session

At NE129SW...

Our 121 Personal fitness training, continues all through December ! Keeping you fit, not fat over Christmas and New Year this year.

Click below;

Personal 121 Training | Flatsnout Boxing | Benton, Newcastle Upon Tyne


Try our new fitness app this New Year !

Kick start your fitness journey with Flatsnout fitness. Together with us, you'll have the best combination of nutrition & exercises available on a single app.


With us, you can begin your fitness journey in no time.

Get a fully personalized workout and meal plan tailored to your fitness goals.

Progress tracking gets easier when you log your daily workout, record meals, update your check-ins and connect your fitness band & health kit, and get real-time updates via advanced analytical tools.

Everything that contributes to your fitness goals gets captured in one place.

To top it all, use the inbuilt 1-1 chat feature to have all your queries addressed on the go.

You deserve to be the best.

That’s why we have packed so many features in a single app to help you achieve your fitness goals

Click below for

Apple: Http://

Android: Flatsnout Fitness – Apps on Google Play


ONLINE TRAINER | Flatsnout boxing


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