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Coffee is a delicious, cost-effective beverage that may help you achieve your fitness goals. This popular drink has been linked to greater strength, power, and endurance during a workout. For best results, drink around 1–2 cups (240–475 mL) 45–60 minutes before your workout.

Is coffee bad when training?

Because caffeine can enhance physical performance and cognitive function, it is a popular pre-workout beverage. Although research has shown it can improve athletic performance, especially in endurance athletes, be aware of the risks of caffeine. For example, it can cause insomnia, jitters, and stomachache.

Why do athletes not drink coffee?

New research, however, suggests that athletes may want to lay off the coffee and energy drinks in their free time — it could hamper caffeine's performance-enhancing benefits when they need them most. Share on Pinterest Researchers say regular caffeine intake could hinder the drug's performance-enhancing benefits.

Is coffee good for Building muscle?

The short answer is: yes. According to a recent (2021) review of the literature by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), caffeine, when taken at a dose of between 3 - 6 mg per kg of bodyweight, 30 - 90 mins before exercise, can lead to small improvements in muscular strength, endurance, and power.

What's The Bottom Line?

All of this is to say that, as long as you're drinking plenty of water—regardless of your exercise regimen—a cup of coffee before your next workout is not only safe, but it could actually help you work out harder and longer. Remember the caveat about evening workouts (we don't want you staying up all night, after all), but assuming you're giving your body enough time to wind down, a little caffeine should be A-OK.

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