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Detox 2021

The Flatsnout 7 day no-nonsense detox is a diet to help cleanse the body and all of your central nervous systems, lymphatic and endocrine systems.

It’s simple and very basic. BUT there are no guaranteed weight losses, if you lose weight, great, if you don't, great too. You will have purged your systems and cleansed your bodily systems.

When our bodies are overloaded by illness, toxicity, or even just sluggishness, we lose the ability to process these foods in an optimal way. The plan below gives us the reboot we need to come back to these foods with digestive vigor.

It also helps cleanse and rebuild the soul. As your body re-mineralizes, alkalizes, detoxifies, and mends, your soul learns that powerhouse foods like fruit are the true sustenance that will bring it comfort.

Cutting out alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and many saturated fats in processed foods that the body struggles to break down. It’s tough but if you want to REBOOT and DETOX - DO IT.

We are looking to help these bodily systems and restore balance to our body's from the modern battering of alcohol, nicotine and fast tracked processed foods.

You will be leaner and much cleaner, it’s a great refreshment diet, too.

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