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Rest day...

Whether you train competitively or just to keep yourself in shape, you’re probably familiar with taking a break from your training routine and skip exercise.

Rest days are incredibly important, as they allow your body to recover. Without proper rest, your body and muscles don’t have the necessary time to rebuild and rejuvenate, which can cause some nasty side effects.

“If we don’t give our body rest days, the stress will add up. Cortisol levels will become chronically elevated.

“Not only that, but our brain actually needs to take time away from the gym or workouts to focus on other facets of life and other important issues that require our attention.”

In other words, if you never take a day off, you can easily burn out. So take your rest days. But also, make sure you’re taking them correctly. On those rest days you can get in a good stretch or meditation session.




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