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Summer Juniors !

Boxing for Juniors is really taking off.

We're picking up our gloves and to get fighting fit, but that's not to say some of us aren't intimidated by the idea of boxing. The idea of bulky arms, monster muscles and nose bleeds is wrong. Boxing is actually a brilliant way of sculpting and toning and that hulk-like muscle mass you're worried about is just a figment of your imagination. Learn how to defend your self and get away from trouble....

Whether you're pounding a punch bag or skipping your heart out, boxing training is something every child should try at least once. On top of toning your muscles, boxing has a load more benefits that make it a brilliant all round exercise choice for children. We spoke to personal trainer at Flatsnout Fitness; Paul Fiske; to find out exactly why that is.

With the summerbreak in full swing, Juniors (8-15), is now on thurs at 2pm

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