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why online training ?

What Are The Benefits of Online Personal Training?

  • Flexibility. Online fitness coaching offers flexibility that works with your schedule. If you work late into the night, face-to-face personal trainers are limited to the hours of the gym.

  • Affordability. Excellent trainers can charge well over £60 per hour. Great trainers will cost you between £50- £25 an hour.

  • Selection of Trainers. Online personal training provides you with a wide selection of trainers. ...

  • Access to Trainers. You don’t just get a wide selection of remote personal trainers; you also have complete access to him or her.

  • Accountability. Online personal training requires daily or weekly progress check-ins, ensuring you’ll get the feedback, motivation, and support you need.

Kick start your fitness journey with Flatsnout fitness. Together with us, you'll have the best combination of nutrition & exercises available on a single app.


With us, you can begin your fitness journey in no time.

-Get a fully personalized workout and meal plan tailored to your fitness goals.

-Progress tracking gets easier when you log your daily workout, record meals, update your check-ins and connect your fitness band & health kit, and get real-time updates via advanced analytical tools.

-Everything that contributes to your fitness goals gets captured in one place.

-To top it all, use the inbuilt 1-1 chat feature to have all your queries addressed on the go.

You deserve to be the best.

That’s why we have packed so many features in a single app to help you achieve your fitness goals.....

There’s more. Start your journey today! Features that will help you achieve your fitness goals include: 1. Personalized Plan - Get a fully personalized fitness plan tailored to your goals, whether it is to gain weight, lose weight, gain muscles, or simply wish to work on your general fitness. 2. In-built Camera - Click consistent progress pictures with guidelines in the in-built camera and track your progress with more accuracy. 3. Check-ins - Gain complete insights around your overall performance with easy check-ins and real-time updates. 4. Progress - Stay on top of your progress with powerful analytics. 5. Plans to choose from - Go ahead and choose from multiple fitness plans that complement your fitness goals and requirements. 6. Wearable integration - Get the bigger picture of your progress by connecting your fitness band & health kit thereby enabling real-time updates. Everyone's fitness goal is different, so should be their fitness plan. At Flatsnout fitness, personalization is the key to unlock all your fitness goals. Note regarding Apple Health:App integrates with Apple Health to show your daily activity - distance, steps, active energy and flights to help you better achieve your goals. App also uses Apple Health to track energy burned and heart rate during a workout session, if an Apple Watch is used along. Workout metrics are shared with the trainer to better design your workout schedule.

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