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30 day Detox 2023

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➡️Start 2023 with a bang !

️Train with us and get yourself into great shape with boxing 121s and cardio/weight training circuits to rip your calorie count to new levels !

As a qualified pro and ABA boxing trainer, with 187 fights worth of experience, that as a L3 Personal Trainer has succeeded with many weight loss transformations, fitness and Charity boxing shows, you'll be sure of a complete workout and support with:

-Online fitness app

-Fitness, nutrition published books

-a warm private gym to train in

️We use traditional boxing techniques and training, along with 'fitness homework' including:


-Cardio sessions

-'Marine' fitness weight circuits

-Kettler bell circuits

️To be carried out on the days your not doing 121s.

️This is not a miracle cure diet system with a pill to take !

️Its hard, its basic, its raw, BUT you will learn and improve your

-self defence ability



-mental health and general well being

-weight and condition

️Would make a great Christmas gift to a friend or partner💪👊👍

-Websites-Shred 2022 | Flatsnout boxing

-Online training website-Flatsnout Fitness | Packs (

-Books-Flatsnout Fitness: Fiske, Paul J: 9781911079859: Books

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