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So were into tier 3 next wednesday, we can train 121s inside and classes outside, so lets crack on 👊👊

The last months sessions has reminded me how effective outside sprints are when mixed in with boxing training inside.

Fitness levels have rocketed with efforts/sprints in outside air.

So next thurs if you fancy a cracking session , come down to the gym. Bring hat and hoody and lets go for it.

Intense Cardio

If you think boxing is just about hitting something (or someone) as hard as you can, you're in for a big surprise. Have you ever noticed that boxers aren't just strong, but also in peak cardiovascular health? That's because boxing is one of the best aerobic workouts, resulting in great benefits to lung and heart health.

Lightning-quick punches and kicks combined with a wide range of movements are extremely effective in getting the heart rate up within just a few minutes of getting in the ring. Since cardiovascular endurance is extremely important to boxers, plenty of extra training time goes into aerobic exercises, such as jump ropes and treadmills.

Getting the heart pumping doesn't just result in stronger muscles and weight loss, it also helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Plus, cardio exercises are a great mood booster, which everyone could use a little more of these days!



Flatsnout Boxing.

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