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A well-trained boxer is the most thoroughly conditioned human in the sporting world, as there is no other sport that demands such a sustained level of ruthless physicality from its participants. It is for those who are sick of machines and dumbbells and seeking an actual sport not merely a set of movements, as a path to fitness –and yes an identity. Most exercise is boring; that’s why people spend a fortune on gyms they don’t even use. If there is a key to getting in shape, it consists of finding a way to workout that doesn’t feel as if you’re going to work. Western boxing is this path...

The magic of the boxing workout is its sustained intensity. You go through bursts of anaerobic activity, alternated with shorter rest periods. In contemporary jargon, this is known as ‘high-intensity interval training’. It’s a more efficient destroyer of fat, according to the latest party line from the experts, than traditional ‘steady-state’ exercise, such as jogging. If you’re disciplined enough to endure the torturous first stages of training, you will find that your body, in being forced past its old limits, has acquired new ones. You will also have found a useful skill. There’s far more to boxing than self-defence, but it can come in handy outside the gym, . Enough said...

If you fancy something new and are sick of paying £29.99 per month for a gym full of prima donnas who spend more time looking in the mirror than training, with Personal Fitness Instructors that look about 12, then come join us at Flatsnout Fitness Training and try this method of training. With more than 30 years of ABA, Professional and unlicensed and military experience, I can give you the fitness homework, diet and boxing workouts to deliver the health and physique that you wish.

Also this year we have our own charity 'Flatsnout fight night', for our boxers. That have been in deep training, the show is 10th July 2021.....

If you always wanted to box, but never lived your dream, then go for it. Train, diet, learn to box with us and go for it. If your interested inbox me....



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