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monday morning !

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➡️We all go through periods when we want to be motivated but simply can't dredge up enough energy to have that Monday motivation at the start of a new week.

➡️Perhaps you have goals that genuinely excite you, but you struggle to get into the headspace required to pursue them.

➡️If you haven’t started off your week motivated, that sluggish feeling can follow you throughout the rest of the week.

➡️Whether you want to engage in a creative project, put in a great day's performance at work, or commit to a fitness program, if you're not motivated it can feel almost impossible to get started.

➡️So, what can you do if you need a motivation ? We have a few at Flatsnout boxing.

➡️The first being something that goes hand in hand with boxing training:

️Fitness training and weight loss.


️We also get our guys to train towards a boxing event, as on 30th September #Flatsnoutfightnight6

➡️This gives you goals to achieve and train for. Preparing for a boxing contest, does huge amounts for your motivation !

➡️Are you ready to 'Super charge' your motivation with putting yourself in a fight situation. To prepare mentally and physically, for say an 8 week program, to fight an opponent !

➡️Whilst fitness and weight loss go hand and hand, with achieving this main goal.-

➡️Get in touch to talk about:

-fitness/ weight loss

-Competing on one of our Charity boxing shows





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